I am so glad you asked! While there are many reasons I would recommend booking with a travel advisor, I will highlight the top four reasons in this article. I especially recommend this for the following scenarios: if you are traveling to a brand new country, plan to visit more than one destination, will be traveling alone, or you are headed to Africa, South America or Asia. I call out these three regions having been there myself both on planned and unplanned trips and let me tell you, the journey goes much smoother if you have someone on standby to assist should anything arise! 


Lose the stress! You’re busy, I get it. With a finance degree and well over 8 years in the corporate world I know what burnout feels like and over-doing it. This is your vacation, I want you to enjoy every bit of it! Including the planning phase. We’ll meet to discover what you need in your travel, but the rest – leave it up to me.


Perks, perks, perks. If you book through Expedia or another third party you may get a good deal, but you certainly won’t be setting yourself up for the VIP service you deserve upon arrival for your hard earned trip. Booking through Trips by Nic, or another advisor, will ensure that if there are upgrades at partner hotels, complimentary breakfasts, and concierge services available – that you get these. We don’t want you wasting your time on anything less than the best!


Issues. If something comes up while you are traveling, with no backup plan and without an advisor to message or call, you may be sitting there without a plan b. We don’t want that to happen to you. We do not want you to miss out on anything while overseas traveling, so ensuring you are working with someone will make sure everything ties out.


We know the ins and outs of where you are traveling. We have the resources, network and connections to find you the best of new destinations. Whether I have personally been there or not, I ensure that we have feedback from boots on the ground partners to give us top information. You will definitely not JUST see top tourist destinations with us. We make sure that you see the local, hidden gems, diamonds in the rough of every place on earth. No trip is complete until you have had at least one local experience.

The world is your oyster!